Ordering medical cannabis is as easy as 1,2,3.

About Us

BudTender is a platform which facilitates mobile orders for dispensaries and their patients. Making ordering medical cannabis as easy as 1,2,3.

Why BudTender

BudTender's unique and innovative platform allows dispensaries to bring their retail store online.

Efficient Transactions

When dispensaries accept mobile orders, they are capable of serving 7x the customers, especially during rush hour.

Cut Cost

Dispensaries can better appropriate resources with the help of real-time analytics.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

A customer that is able to save time by skipping lines is 3x more likely to return and shop again.

Alleviate Retail Congestion

Reduce store congestion by up to 50% with mobile orders that allow your customers to line skip.

Unique and Innovative

BudTender’s innovative platform alleviates retail congestion and increases customer satisfaction. This mobile platform allows customers to place mobile orders and skip dispensary lines.

How it Works

Download the BudTender app, create a profile and immediately find dispensaries near you. Choose a dispensary, view their menu and make purchases for pick up. You’ll be able to track your order from start to finish and when you arrive in store skip the line & save time.

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The BudTender platform offers unique and innovative features for dispensaries and their patients. Our focus is on quick, easy, and efficient transactions.

Mobile Ordering/

Place orders from your favourite dispensaries after surveying their menu. Pick it up at your convenience.

Order Tracking/

Track orders from start to finish through our easy four step system.

Real-Time Analytics/

Gain real-time data on customer shopping behaviours.

/Line Skip

Use the BudTender lane and be out in seconds.

/Built For Canada

BudTender is built and tailored for the Canadian consumer market.

/Ease of Use

The platform was designed to provide a simple and quick ordering system for cannabis.

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We are getting ready to release our beta.